A Worldwide Community of Endoscopists

Why Join This Community?

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EndoCollab is a worldwide community of endoscopists focused on providing the best and current information related to gastrointestinal endoscopy. 

This community was created with the purpose of helping endoscopists provide the best patient care, focusing on quality in endoscopy and everything related to it. 

We want to support you by providing you with the best and specific information related to the topic. 

EndoCollab is a "living atlas" of gastrointestinal endoscopy, with sections on therapeutic endoscopy, how to prevent and manage complications, breaking news, algorithms, guidelines, ask the expert, image and video of the week, quick journal reviews, among others.

The focus of each section is to provide a platform for rapid learning with "quick takes", easy-to-apply "to-the-point" recommendations, and practical"take-home messages". Indeed, you will notice the focus of EndoCollab is to provide its members with daily pearls and "pure gold" knowledge in gastrointestinal endoscopy. 

By becoming a member of EndoCollab you will not only be a subscriber, but also a part of this community, and that is the part we care about the most.

Indeed, every member is encouraged to submit their interesting cases or videos or any other topic covered in EndoCollab. All sections are open for chats and discussion. One key rule in EndoCollab is to have constructive interactions and learn valuable tips from each other.

So Here's What You Get

When you join, you'll get access to a private community.

More importantly, you'll get access to several experts that I'm going to be bringing in to help you and many others.

In addition to having that access, I've also organized the community into several sections to better help you get the help you need:

- Endoscopy Atlas
- Therapeutic Endoscopy
- Complications, Prevention, and Treatment
- Guidelines for Quality Endoscopy
- Algorithms and Checklists
- Quiz of the Week
- Image of the Week
- Video of the Week
- Ask the Expert
- Journal Review
- And much much more...

In each of these sections you'll be able to ask questions, and receive answers -- additionally, myself and the experts we bring in will be posting weekly free trainings deep-diving on a variety of topics designed to help you extract maximum value.

Refund Policy & Cancellation

There's no contracts.

If you don't like the community, simply email [email protected] to request cancellation.